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Our Meeting and Events Green Story : BS3 Community


At the Southville Centre in Bristol, which is one of the community centres that we run at BS3 Community, we run a hyperlocal recycling point.  It's so simple but so effective. Under the shelter of our large bike rack in the front courtyard of the centre, we have a multitude of colourful receptacles where local people can cycle or walk to recycle items that they can't in their normal household recycling. Despite having to restrict or close some of our community services due to Covid-19 last year we were able to keep the recycling point going as there was no need for people to come into the building or make contact with others whilst dropping items off.

We accept crisp packets, plastic wrapping from blocks of cheese, biscuit and snack wrappers, any brand of toothbrush, electric toothbrush heads, any brand of toothpaste tubes, and the toothbrush packaging too, washing powder packaging, baby food pouches, nitrous oxide canisters that have sadly been left lying around the streets, and we are always considering how we can improve and expand our little hyper-local recycling point.   We are regularly packaging up boxes and boxes full to the brim of items rescued from going into landfill. We can confirm 100% that our community love their crisps, last year we collected 80,392 empty packets!!!