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Food Waste: Measure it to Manage it


Food Waste: Measure it to Manage it

As a visitor economy business, you will know the operational, economic, and environmental costs of inefficient food waste management. According to National Agency, WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme), wasted food costs the UK’s hospitality industry £3.2 billion a year – averaging £10k per business. 

Sustainable food waste management first requires awareness and taking responsibility. To help your business better understand how to manage food waste, WRAP has created a comprehensive suite of resources highly recommended by our Assessment Team.

A key point is that reducing your food waste requires monitoring and measuring. WRAP’s useful resources to help measure and analyse your business’s food waste include a 7-day Tracking Sheet, Savings Calculator, Tracking Workbook, and even labels you can use for the different bins you’ll need to capture various waste streams.

After measuring your food waste, you’ll be ready to reduce it with the help of WRAP’s Summary Checklist of Practical Actions and Menu Planning Guide. They also provide ‘how to’ video guides to help you boost your skills in these practical actions. Access these resources here.

We advise that you document all you’re doing to reduce food waste in your next Green Tourism or Green Meetings assessment. Keep hold of any documentation you complete on your journey to upload as evidence.