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Our Green Story: Casa de Olivos




Take a dream - and make it real
After too long working in the frenetic world of business we decided it was time to do something for ourselves. To create something unique and lasting that is the product of our ambitions and hard work, and change the tempo of our lives for the better. And here it is - Casa de Olivos!

In November 2020, our dream took the first tangible step towards reality, as we became the owners of our new Spanish home, perched on the side of a hill overlooking Traiguera in the Castellon countryside. Clear in our minds about what we wanted to create here, we set about planning and developing this boutique-style luxurious accommodation in our corner of real Spain.

Our vision? To share this place with guests from all over the world and give them access to an authentic slice of Spanish life, far from the trappings of the holiday resorts, where they can unwind and rejuvenate, and taste a little of this life we have chosen for ourselves.

We set out to create something upmarket and thoroughly enjoyable.



The dream turns green
The property we found was off-grid and had the foundations of environmentally friendly living built into it. Much of the work we have done since has been to build on those first steps and transition to a home for us as well as a holiday location that delivered comfort without compromise, and total relaxation. And all with a keen eye on sustainability.

Working towards our first Green Tourism accreditation really inspired us to deepen our relationship with the Traiguera community and beyond, and in doing so has redoubled our commitment to making Casa de Olivos a beacon of sustainable tourist accommodation in Castellon province. We are more ready than ever to help our guests to immerse themselves in the local history, fiestas, and natural heritage. And now we have a growing network of associates in and around our nearby town of Traiguera, as well as some lasting friendships.


Our philosophy
The Casa de Olivos philosophy is quite simple really. We have a simple mantra…

Escape. Enjoy. Be Kind.

Escape and relax in the authentic Spanish countryside and escape the hassles of everyday life.

Enjoy the luxury accommodation with an extensive pool terrace and beautiful gardens.

Be Kind and support local people, places and the planet. Live sustainably.



So what’s next?
We were thrilled to achieve a Silver Award in 2023 and it marked an important recognition of our sustainability where the Castellon tourist department had been lacking. Now we are busy planning for our next Green Tourism accreditation and going for gold!

The journey towards sustainability is continuous, but we have found it to be both personally rewarding and a valuable tool in the development of our young business.

Follow our progress on our blog or on all our social media channels.

Or why not come and see for yourself? Visit to find out more.

Claire Bretten and Ed Deane


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