Green Tourism & Green Meetings Fees


Registration Fee (First Year Only)

£75.00+VAT is payable in your first year to cover admin costs

Annual Fees

Annual fees are specific to business type and size, and for one standard only (Green Tourism or Green Meetings).

If you wish to use both standards (Green Tourism & Green Meetings), the additional cost for the second standard is 50% of the annual fees for your business type and size.

Serviced Accommodation

  • Hotel
  • Guest House
  • Bed & Breakfast
Business Size / No of Rooms Cost (Excl VAT)
Micro 1-6 £150.00
Small 7-20 £250.00
Medium 21-50 £400.00
Large 51-90 £550.00
Extra Large 91+ £650.00


Self-Catering & Holiday Parks

  • Self-Catering
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Holiday parks
  • Static Caravans
Business Size / No of Units Cost (Excl VAT)
Micro 1-5 £150.00
Small 6-10 £250.00
Medium 11-30 £400.00
Large 31-50 £550.00
Extra Large 51+ £650.00


Visitor Attraction, Hostels and other Tourism Businesses

  • Visitor Attractions, Hostels, Corporate Offices, TIC’s, Conference/Events, Venues, Retail, Eateries/Pubs, Activity Providers, Campsites
Business Size / Number of FTE’s* Cost (Excl VAT)
Micro 1-5 £150.00
Small 6-10 £250.00
Medium 11-30 £400.00
Large 31-50 £550.00
Extra Large 51+ £650.00

* FTE’s = Full Time Employees, including part-time staff. Calculate by adding their hours together and calculating the number of full-time equivalent staff they represent over a 12-month period.  

If you have more than one business, you may be eligible for a group package. Details of charges for advisory visits and staff training presentations are available on request. For further information please contact us:
(01738) 632 162