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Okotech Ltd T/A Heatboss

heatboss is an innovative and intelligent wireless heating control solution that is quickly and easily installed and enables you to the control individual radiators (& underfloor heating) independently so you only heat when and where you need to, and to a temperature that suits the needs of each room.

Your conventional heating controls are heating rooms that are not in use and heating many rooms to the same target temperature, which results in wasting over 30% of your building’s heating costs as well as creating issues with over & under-heating and the complaints that accompany that. 

Investing in heatboss will resolve these issues whilst ensuring a quick pay-back (typically 2 years or less). heatboss is scalable to most building sizes and works with the existing heating setups to reduce energy consumption and improve comfort while cutting carbon pollution.

  • Easy to save – heatboss only heats where and when you need it, so the savings come naturally. Users are saving on average 30% of their heating costs
  • Easy to fit – heatboss is designed for an easy retrofit (e.g. an average installation of 40 rooms takes 2 days and the heating does not need to be off)
  • Easy to use – heatboss uses a very intuitive web app to let you control your heating with ease
  • Easy to customise – heatboss can be tailored to suit the heating requirements of each individual room /quest
  • Easy to access – heatboss allows you to control your heating securely via your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world
  • Easy to manage – heatboss has a team of engineers supporting you and monitoring your heating to ensure that you make the most of your energy usage